Hi there and welcome to About Annella!

I’m Anna, the blogger, photographer and creator behind About Annella. I am passionate about food, wellness, traveling, fashion and more. My mission is to inspire you to live a well-lived life by creating the best version of yourself. Consider this your go-to guide to living well and truly happy.

What you will find on About Annella

About Annella is a resource for others to feel less alone in the ups and downs of their journey through life. It is a place where readers can find the latest beauty and fashion trends, delicious recipes, suggestions on where to eat or life insights from someone they’ve come to know as a friend. Each week, I blog about all things lifestyle including travel guides and stories, mouthwatering plant-powered recipes, outfit ideas, beauty hacks and health tips!

About Annella is a safe place where readers can connect with each other and find empowerment through lifestyle choices. I am here to share my personal experiences with you, create a community and provide support for people in various states of adulting. I want to tell stories that inspire and accompany my readers through the rollercoaster called “life”.

Whether you are wanting to learn more about a healthier lifestyle, are curious about the latest fashion and beauty trends or simply looking for inspiration – there is space for you here!

More about me

Besides my passion for blogging, I also enjoy practicing sports like yoga and climbing. You can also find me exploring museums and exhibitions, traveling and visiting the farmer’s market. I also find joy in the simple things – taking a stroll around the city with a friend, enjoying a cup of coffee, reading a good book or visit a flee market will simply make me happy.

I believe in self-empowerment, collecting memories and living life to the fullest. My focus is to support you through your journey by sharing my own stories and experiences (the good and the ugly) with you. 

xo, Anna